Radio…📻 we all have heard the word, nearly all of us have used one. Although many people do not talk about it as much, the world literally runs on Radio. It is constantly being developed since its introduction and it still does fascinate a lot of researchers. 

Before the 19th century, communication was based on writing letters. The economy promptly changed and the demand for faster ways to communicate emerged. after years of testing  The preliminary version of radio was inducted as wireless telegraph. This revolutionised the world as radio was a key for military and Govts to communicate effectively during wars. 

Post World wars, as the industrial revolution took place in the United Kingdom🇬🇧, new forms of using radio started to emanate all over the world. Since then, radio technology was under development and rapid innovations sprung up. The increase range of radio waves due to innovation and research was analogous to the economical boom. 

In India🇮🇳, most older generations were very much fond of their transistor system at home. At that time, it was like the noble metal placed at home. Radio stations starting materialising rapidly as more people started to purchase transistors. It was a very important commodity in India as most of the news were in fact transmitted through radio waves. It was also a grand source of entertainment. 

As radio transmission got better in India, the inception of television broadcasting took place in the mid-20th century. At that time, the golden channel was the ‘Doordharshan TV’ where most of News, Films, Music and Ads were showcased. 

In the late 20th century and in the beginning of the 21st century, the origin of Mobile phones emerged. This was novel in the country and changed India altogether. Today, internet we use, the TV we watch, and the phone we talk on, is all thanks to the almighty radio. 

The current generation, never really appreciates this very radio that is giving them the luxuries they’re having today. Just imagine, if radio disappeared all of a sudden, there would be total chaos, it is very much possible the internet will shut down leaving the economy in rags. 

We all should be very grateful for this piece of technology that binds the telecommunications sector with rest of the world. 

Trust me, without radio, we wouldn’t be 1/10th of what we are today with technology. Happy World Radio Day! 



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