Where do I begin…


Remember those times in College? Or perhaps your School days? Waking up, extra punctual/always late, mindless discussions, film talk, useless TV soaps, smell of a library, atrocious pranks, crowd anxiety, punishments, proxy attendance…


You have a big smile on your face don’t you? 😃 This is not what it looks like 😃 Now back to the subject..

LOL I’m kidding..

Why on Earth do we need to set an alarm if we do not have the will to wake up.


The point being… Everything that brought you here (today) was an array of functions and it took years to make a routine out of those. A lot of your habits and activities today happen without your consent, sometimes subconsciously. Back then? you thought about it a lot didn’t you.


Well you are part of the system now. You are surviving just like the rest.


Education does exactly what your parents do for you. Feeding you information that you can use. Do not blame an education system if you do not pick up useful Information.


You must probably wonder “What information?”


The important thing about my Blog and it’s stories are to connect words to my thoughts, not coach you.


Use a dictionary if you must or consult an expert.



Step by step, Professionals grew into what they are; A project today and another tomorrow. Before they knew it, they had a running Enterprise. Did they think it through from their young age? The answer is NO! There is no person who does what he/she dreams of as a Child. It is not rational or sensible to do wishful thinking without proven theories and experience. In my opinion Child prodigies are a clown that parents use to create publicity for their own lost purposes and a top-notch MANAGER/AGENT thus drives exploitive nuts and bolts into an ungreased machine.


Nevertheless feel free to THINK…… A HUNDRED times before you choose to make IDEAS into reality.



It is of my opinion that nobody reveals working theories in any open platform. Personally, I do not like being influenced by other’s theories. I spend my time on research. I take up specific subjects when I’m trying not to mess up something invaluable. I take pride in DIY. The anxiety is beautiful and worth conquering. Theories are after all an act of publicity and readers like you and me get mesmerised. Does it do good for our real talent?

Does reading this story I write, do any good for you?

Have you been making decisions only based on what you read?

Who knows…



You work (either hard or hardly) to arrive at something in the end. When time flies and you talk about it in the future, you have a positive feeling that you’ve gained wisdom. Even if you failed at everything you did, you can still have a useless conversation over sugar-free Tea and Biscuits with your OLD buddies. You can still mock them like a PUPPY saying “Oh my, you haven’t erm..  AGED at all.

Like hell you mean it. You rascal !

Anyhow… I’m keeping OLD short… and stout.. lol… Enough said !



Take anything that comes to your mind. Anything at all. Do you believe it already exists? Yes? Of course it does…

Ideas are constantly being brought to life by millions of people by the minute.

The number is so vast today that each idea has been split into thousands of supporting ideas.

Some are visible, many are not.

The brain behind an IDEA has no IDEA, that it all began with his/her IDEA.


Every effort that goes into building something is a web of ideas and practices put together for a purpose.

The general categories to serve purpose for humanity are Medicine, Environment, Mind matters, Art, Finance, Law, Society, Adminstration, Care.

There are so many branches that make Human survival a lot easier today. It is growing faster than ever before!



Do you know what a patent is? Go on feel free to use squeakypedia and get back here 😀

It is some expensive shit you know 🤑


Now here’s what I want you to do. Fill in the blanks..

Every year we must f***ing pay several thousands of currency to protect an _____ ?

Oh screw that…

Answer : IDEA


Did you try to fill up the asterisk? I wouldn’t.. I hope not.. This is serious shit.. 🤫



Reality – A fully grown up Intellectual Property owner who build large brands that rest on Technology and Research.

I mean, anything that you pay for to make your life pleasantly more miserable and torment others with. Hehe.


You paid for your own misery but somehow, waking up in the morning is still tough isn’t it?


Anyhow, what you build today could be destroyed tomorrow at the click of a button or should I say ‘JUST A TOUCH’




Let us take my website as example..


I face hundreds of attacks every single day on this Digital Property.

I’m calling this my Digital Intellectual Property.

WOW ! Did I just invent a new Phrase? Now that’s my IDEA. Don’t you dare steal it. LOL…

Fine!! You can steal it but you must make sure you give me credit. LOL again…

CREDIT !!! This never gets old… what a disastrous expression of appreciation…


The important lesson here is to protect our identity and content (property).

This includes the attributes of those (people, code, media files) who support the IDEA/s too…


If you have really put in hard work (like I did) you will respect its value and protect it.

This is exactly why ENTREPRENEURS tag their organisation/company as a Baby. They want absolutely no harm for their child.

There are ar**h**es out there who grow I.P into huge ventures and sell it away. That’s a whole new perspective worth another Blog-post. I’m saving it for another occasion. These AR*EH*L*S pump (pimp) MILLIONS of currency, Market an incomplete Product/Service and lay-off the very people who supported and built it.

I have personal experiences of IDEAs being stolen from me by A-HOLES, PIMPIN into CEO status in a matter of weeks.


The original owner has absolutely no idea,

Make sense now? In my case i do have the IDEA…


I think it seems fair to say…


If there is a Virus killing humans out there, there is a human killing IDEAs everywhere.


I pity Angel Investors and VCs who fall for CAGR and fancy presentations and false projections. They take experts along to put on a great show. These con artists spin tales using graphs based on complex Math and lure rich people.


Coming back to my cool and simple property… Yeah it is. plain and straight forward.

I’ve spent years acquiring abilities and made it sharp one at a time patiently and made sacrifices that only I am aware of. I now put in 14 hours a day to create, finish and publish my work. Due to the amount of work I take upon myself There is an immediate need to protect it. I cannot protect it on all platforms but I do my best where I can. It is my responsibility and I know that there are people out there with Money who can hire developers to build on a stolen IDEA. Do you know how many attackers are trying to steal information from a good website in a single day?

Here’s a chart from my website’s FIREWALL provider.



399 is a number with substantial reduction in BLOCKED attempts. It has gone down drastically due to the lockdown situation. When I started building this sweet website I had an average of 4 to 5 thousand hack attempts a day. It took me several days of intense work and studying LOG files to fine tune security.


This is where I stand with my Digital Intellectual Property! Once I capture ground and have brick and mortar type of Business I may share few interesting facts through that.


I will begin the end of this Article.


I share one important thing that makes this special day meaningful.



Protect your Intellectual Property. You cannot hold anyone responsible. It will be your loss.


People (everyone except you) will move on with their lives or find an alternative when things go down South. If you put in your Blood, Sweat, Tears and Ideas you are extremely vulnerable in all aspects of life. My heart really goes out to those brilliant minds who fell short of Information and skills to protect themselves although they had everything else covered!


As I end this writing on this important day for us Intellectuals let me post script for you:

Keep up the good work. Stay positive. Never give up if you can make changes to keep things alive. Be completely aware of your IDEA and its application. Make sure you take time in hiring a team that can add real value not suck you dry. Protect your Intellectual Children as they grow. Make sure you make the future bright for yourself and all.


Your intellectual children stay with you by your side no matter how old either of you grow!


Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed the Song in this Blog post, a Slogan to my Intellectual Property!


Take care.



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