Here’s a letter to the World. This is for all Entities that reside within and around… WHO?    You are about to find that out… Go on and read now…


Hey there World,

What’s up with you. You doing all good there aren’t you?

Well yeah, It has been life as usual for us too but you know we had a few turns, twists and throws here and there everywhere. Nevertheless, we holding it tight no matter what. Hope the same for you too…

The beginning of year 2020 had us all excited while his Almighty Sir.Entity (A HUMAN BODY) the THIRD decided to change their lifestyle and work on the immune system. Whilst residing within his kingdom we asked the honorary consul to call upon a meeting to discuss our scope and allocate resources to Sir.Entity as he decided to go bezerk with this new regime….

As we chaired the meeting, the following proceeds were observed.


Mr.Brain decided to head this meeting with a brief talk on matters concerning precious neurons and various problems leading to collision within the ECOSYSTEM. Such collision were directly leading to interrupted signal throughput between millions of nodes in the Cerebral Cortex.

Mr.Liver Second in charge pointed out how the Almighty had misbehaved for years and it was about time Mr.Brain cut off communications to subpar anatomical work mates. His preliminary rant was about colleagues mass dumping unsolicited vital information and processing on him. Performing beyond limitations was just not possible if situations were to continue in this manner.

Mr. Pancreas supported the argument with a THUD on the desk, claiming much of this trash was coming in through the elevations of the Almighty’s Kingdom. In other words, those that resided in the upper floors.

Mr. Thyroid couldn’t help but laugh with a smirk as the other members of council looked confused with no relevant points to put forth. He looked towards his co-worker (sitting beside) who was literally breaking into a screeching laugh.

Mr. Lung suffering from a sore throat screeched and coughed continuing to laugh, then paused abruptly to raise the argument “Welcome to my horrid state of being you ar**h***s. Now let’s see you work on your motionless thoughts

Mr. Rectum took to the statement quite personally and tried really hard to look up to the others yet failed. However, his confidence showed no loss as he immediately objected with a veto and raised his voice on clause of mockery. He also warned against targeted hyphenations during such council discussion in the future.

Mr. Gallbladder & Mr. Colon looked worried and paused for a moment and continued… Their concern was towards the piping system (intestines) aging and developing several leaks. They emphasized that disposal systems were quite close to an indefinite strike.

Mr. Lung burst out laughing again and said “Quite close my A**… Indefinite strike? That is the most constipated joke I’ve ever heard… where would you take your dump once you let go of the Anus… in Venus? ”

Mr. Rectum jumped right off his seat and tried to suffocated Mr.Lung with a complete landing but a full mishap was prevented when Mr. Kidney called security and the two were restrained and put back to their seats.

Mr. Brain asked everyone to remain calm and find logic and a system where each member would take up a single designated task at a time and report to their corresponding neighbours. “Your Sense and Aptitude is much needed Gentlemen, please retain it just like you did all these years” he said.

Mr. Lung interrupted “Do you think I can process that much Oxygen to carry out lengthy tasks? I’m handling a lot more than Oxygen and it’s not just the Atmosphere for crying out loud!!!”

Mr. Heart had remained silent all this while but rose from his Chair with a stern look on his face. He cautioned everybody that it was his responsibility to supply Fuel (blood) for all departments and enable smooth functionality. “Those mechanicals would never run without fuel. Why do we not channelise energy supply with an intelligent strategy”

Mr. Brain agreed to this and emphasised that everybody needed to remain calm as they could do nothing without Fuel. He adjourned the meeting and called for TEA and biscuits.


Eventually, the meeting went onto be silenced by the council. Members were observed to form their own groups and it became evident that the decision making panel was opting towards corrupt practises by offering help to those with substantial resources and numbers.

The meeting never concluded but letters were written back and forth by groups to decide upon the ultimate fate of the Almighty Mr.Entity along with a will and proceeds thereafter if things lead to complete failure. There was no room for negotiations and each member returned to their origins with fate due upon all.



We now end this letter Oh Dear readers.

We chair such council meets with our ‘ENTITIES’. The ‘Entity‘ is You!


Welcome to our World Dear readers.


We are an embodiment of senses with your spirit that Govern and summarise all Entities. We must guide each ENTITY in silence as it takes birth, grows into an Adult and proceeds into retirement before joining us in after life.


To You, We say this :

By making the right choices in your LIFESTYLE, FOOD and HABITS you can help us guide all council members into using resources more efficiently and communicate much better. This would lead to a healthier experience with a good lifespan for none other than our ENTITY.


On this special ‘World Health Day’ we hope you will dedicate yourself towards a healthier Life…





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