When those vibrant colours of life strike me hard, should I be glad?

Sitting up, I wonder, was it just me or something that was just an Art?

Looking up at the sky, smiling at the vast canvas, I bear out my soul,

Wait, wait, what’s the rush, no longer is it going to be a hush-hush,

Splashing and ringing in the Tones of Happiness, Love and Gratitude,

Watching upon you, The Angels shall call and guide time and again,

Show the World, the Universe that You can… yes, you certainly can.


Often I keep asking myself, rather thinking, what is that one thing that keeps me going? Is it Life itself or someone else’s influence. But, then I dismiss the thought by settling down with the fact, it’s definitely Me and it’s me against my own-self.


How can I be so sure about this????

Well, let me tell you a short story.


Back then, when I was in my early teens, I used to think, there is a whole new World which is full of all things nice coated in either sugar or spice. Little did I know, that life is a myriad of Colours and soon I would grow up to be a woman… yes, a woman! Now would that mean, the colours of carefreeness, unintentional absent mindedness turns into sense of responsibility; the colour of high-spirited dreams would just transform into realms of reality?

Oh gosh, what was I even thinking straight before picking up the Life (brush) and splashing around colours into the then blank canvas of my life? Should I have rather chosen something that’s more unconventional or gone with just the conventional?


Life keeps picking up at us at every pace, every now and then but we need to realise each segment, paint them with the strokes, we want to fill it in with. After all, Life is what, how we make it. Happy, Sad, Angry, Disturbed, Relaxed, Worked up, Energetic, Lazy; aren’t all of these moods that our lives primarily revolve around? Infact, we are everything but Content. We need to understand that the key to everything Perfect, does not lie in shades of black or blue or red or even pink, as a person (soul) within, our true calling should be aimed at splashing the colours in the right directions (taking the right decisions).

Yes, there is always a dilemma that’s going to try and overpower, but we need to know when to harness the reins of life, that The (Guardian) Angels have been called for you.

We ought to have a clear concise and the ability to discriminate between the good and evil and win over the latter.


This actually kind of sums up everything of what an ideal life should be like. Doesn’t it? No points for further guessing, now only if there is a deviation or obstacles, curve; do we fall, rise up and actually realise and learn to appreciate the worth of and value a fellow being or even any material thing (money) for that matter.

After all, a famous saying goes like –
A smile is the only curve, that sets everything else right.

Technically, painting the canvas is not just playing with colours, for Art is not confined just to this. In reality, it is pushing off the boundaries and all the negative forces away, raising the heights of your creativity and individuality, that aspires you to achieve and make your presence count. Look at a true Artist, he will first respect his own-self, then his work, for him there is no this or that way, he just knows and works relentlessly towards making a difference by his Art. Similarly, we too need to focus on our sheer talent and think of ways to bring about wonders through tireless and selfless hard work.


Coming to talk about which, when we talk about The Angels calling upon us, in human form, we perceive Woman to be the true embodiment of courage, patience, happiness; nothing can stop her when she is in her full form. But, hold on, have we ever given it a thought, how an woman portrays and justifies each aspect of life with the colours of being a mother, sister, wife or daughter too …


Being a woman myself at times, I revisit the time, with which I began to write this Blog. Then, the kid in me awakens, feeling the urge to liberate myself and break through yet not shy away from the inane responsibilities too. Always, remember, situations can be light or grave, but there are Angels guiding you from way up and above, who would keep calling and subtly reminding you of your true colour (calling) and

you were born to achieve and fly high.


We shouldn’t be weak enough to get carried away by the thoughts that would take a toll on us. They can hit us hard and teach us a tough lesson but not take us for granted. It is always better to remain grounded, yet remain sharp, hold our fort and wait patiently, for the big chance to knock at our  doorstep.


My, didn’t I start off this Blog, by saying, it’s will be a short story, but this turned out to be a really long one. On that note, let me leave you with the essence and dash of the essential colours. Talking about that, Tuned Fork would like to extend its heartfelt wishes for Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing women out there and a very Happy Holi to each one of you.


Get out there and sprinkle the Colours of life, love, laughter and let the power of Music rule and be your lethal strength. And, rightly so, befitting the theme for two Special Occasions is the Song


The Angels Called Me


By the means of this Melody, we earnestly pray that, The Angels’ grace keeps shining on each one of you all throughout. Make most of every bit and paint the colours of love and warmth to spread the cheer along.


Here’s Red bringing along Life, Passion, Vitality and Enthusiasm with it. Followed next by Orange, which is a testimony for Creativity, Practicality, Playfulness and Equilibrium.


Next up, it’s  time for Yellow passing on Clarity of thought, Wisdom, Orderliness and ringing in Energy. Now, why fear when  Green is here, being the middle most colour, it brings Prosperity, Harmony, Health and Abundance  along. Then with Blue next; Peace, Spirituality and Divinity follows. Bridging the gap between Finite and Infinite, is Indigo which is known to make one self-aware and awaken newer channels within.


Last but not least  comes, Violet invoking Selflessness, Generosity, Satisfaction and Beauty in terms of


Pure Art

The Angels Called Me


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