“Love, Life and Laughter, aren’t these virtues just so great?

Filling You up with Warmth, Joy, Cheer and all that is best,

Let’s spread our Wings and embark the pleasurable Plight,

To bask in the glory of evergreen Happiness and Smiles,

Here’s for You to say, you LoveCare and Share …”


We always want the others to be the best from the rest and smart enough to fit in and set standards. However, on the contrary, do we honestly thank enough the people around us for what they are? Yes, change is inevitable and so are family, friends, colleagues and every other near and dear one, whom we accidentally tend to take for granted, according to our given convenience. But coming to think about it, the bigger picture is definitely not that big, it is just a small and uncomplicated process. To Love is easy, but it is You who has to go that extra mile and prove yourself to be worthy of it.


Ironically, Self-Love is believed to bring individual growth and prosperity. But, has anyone given it a thought, of how the other person feels when the same emotion doesn’t come through them too? The other might be of a quite powerful or completely opposite nature of You, but does that matter?. We most often become judgemental while observing the other person’s feelings and behaviour and make our own assumptions. For once, we should understand it is not about them but about us. Only if we (You) are proper, should You expect the other person to be likewise.


Mutual admiration and respect might sound easy, it’s always comforting to know that even the other person feels the same as You do. It is clearly nobody but You who has step up and speak your mind and heart out. In today’s fast paced life, we tend to miss out on feelings of the other person and it won’t take You much time to follow the same vein. We truly need to resonate with the fact that, Love is the true essence of Life. And, of course, it is You who needs to spread it across far and wide.


Love is universal, it has no language or barriers, its starts within You but touches the soul of others through You. Deep down if only you are true, can You cast the spell of Magic in form LoveCompassion and beyond to elevate yourself. Similarly, Music is the Sound of Life (in bold), nurtured and produced to touch Souls and connect with them in an everlasting bond of Love.


Talking about all this, You should celebrate the Love within and expand the aura so as to realise your core. And, we couldn’t think of any better day, then the day of Love. Yes, today on this occasion of Valentine’s Day, we at Tuned Fork urge You keep aside all your differences and come forward to extend your arms and Soul and generate Notes of happiness and warmth across to all those who make your Life meaningful.


By now you must have guessed, which Melody we have picked to spread the message of Love, Life and Laughter. Yes, it is the Melodic number ‘You’ from one our special Albums, ‘Prospectus (Push)’ that leaves behind the sublime essence of merriment, expressions (of your feeling to your loved ones), adoration and respect that culminates into nothing but Love.


Just as it is essential for Love to exist to end all problems, leave you all warm, fuzzy, divine and content, let the Music from Tuned Fork be that force of Melodic Love for one (You) and all. Ask us why, the Song ‘You’ is all the more special to us, the Singer of this Melody, has used his powerful tone of emotions and expressed that comes straight from his Heart to You, for You and expand into newer spectrum of Hope, Dreams and Love.


Wishing all our lovely fans and families a very Happy Valentine’s Day. May the Notes of our Song speak for You and weave its Magic on one and all.


Let Love and Music rule your hearts undivided forever now and always!



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