“Up above the raring clouds, golden hues wait to shine bright,

A new day, beginning, dream and hope awaits you alright…

Miraculously lighting it all up, spreading the glowing gleams,

Soak yourself in the Sun and its glorious beams.”


Each day, we eagerly wait for the Sun to rise, enlighten and enrich our lives with Love and Laughter. As the day dawns, the clouds give way to the Sun and marks the beginning of the day. Similarly, in the daily life cycle, we are ready to take on the World, new challenges after having a hearty meal. Without food, we won’t get the supply of energy and positivity to carry on. Like the clouds are to Sun, food is to Living beings. To remain charged up and physically active, all day, we need to consume at least one full meal.


Nature gives us the Sun and it also aids in giving us food. But it is only after a lot of processing (hard-work) that we reap the benefits of getting full-fledged meals each day. Here, we must take a moment to acknowledge and embrace the importance of the relentlessly hard-working Farmers. Their contribution to each one of our lives is simply incomparable. Without any crops or vegetables being yielded, there won’t be any primary source to generate any food.


Now just as food, Music is even equally fulfilling for the entire Mind, Body and Soul, it generates life into the mundane routine and soothes you after a really long day too…


And why are we talking about all this suddenly?


We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and welcome the Harvest festival and pay our humble tribute to all Farmers and those who put in much hard-work day in and out to cultivate crops.


Metaphorically, as the cloud acts as a shield to the Sun and sets it free to rise when the moment is right; a farmer will cut, collect, sow and harvest the crop, so that it is ready to be reaped in the right season and sent for further processing.


So, taking a cue from this, make time and listen to Tuned Fork’s powerful melody ‘Badra’ from its recent album – Defrag (Chapter 1). It is a sweet celebratory tune that extends deepest gratitude all across to our Farmer friends.


Badra, which means clouds otherwise in Hindi is symbolic of how Tuned Fork believes in creating Magic through its Music and instantly strike a chord and making you realise your roots and truly rejoice Life.


As your day breaks with the Sun slowly rising above the clouds, broadening your horizons; we urge you to immerse yourself in the Melodic beats of Badra and visit the land of newer vision, dreams, hopes and aspirations, to go further beyond.


Tuned Fork wishes all its fans and families a very happy and fruitful Harvest festival; whichever way you want to address it; Makar Sankranti or Pongal, Magha Bihu, Lohri, Uttarayan, Poush Sankranti. Music is universal, so is celebrations, isn’t it?



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