Happiness, Pleasure, Joy are the names you associate with one emotion,

Life will give you reasons to keep going, never settle and constantly remain in motion,

Holding on Hope, Dreams and Aspirations, let’s fasten the belts to get on a lifetime ride,

Who knows, what lies ahead, better to emerge, to uplift and shine bright,

Positivity, courage and success fills in zeal and zest and sets everything right,

As you learn to Smile today, you progress each day with Light above and Sound.

Do you believe Happiness is subjective? Yes, universally, each one of us have our very own happy place, where we seek ultimate solace and sheer joy. It is that space, where we feel liberated from the mundane and inane aspects of life. Can you guess, why I started the Blogpost by talking about Happiness? So, if you have already guessed it, read further to find out, how you might be able to relate to it. And, incase you still have not figured, there is no hurry-burry, just relax, smile and read on…

Joy, Cheer, Satisfaction, Contentment are often associated with Happiness. It is like a Melodic Tune that lightens up one’s mood, stirs the flow of emotions within. Pretty much like when two like-minded souls meet and their wavelengths match, a vibrant spark is felt almost instantaneously. Further, let’s take up the example of, Light and Sound; both of them are forms of energy that travels through Waves and has an unknown yet undeniable relationship with us – The Humans. Likewise, Happiness too relatively brings about an unexplainable Comfort in our lives.

We often hear time and again, ‘if one is Happy, then the World around would be a more joyous place to reside in too’. It is that one emotion that has to be truly felt and passed on. But, don’t we first need to recognise our happy places? At the same time, it should be bore in mind, that not one day is similar to the previous day, each day is a new day, we have to emerge, uplift our spirits and get back on track (restore back to the happy space) each day.

That did sound a little complex, but believe me, it is not. One doesn’t need to pay taxes to be Happy, right?? Let it just flow.

Now for instance, there are certain Tunes and Melodies or simply if I have to say the Sound of Music, that compels us to dive deep within and get immersed in it. In that moment, that time the set priority becomes to be Happy and seek bliss from those Melodic Notes. Similarly, when without any restrictions or inhibitions, we respect ourselves, others and most importantly, have set our priorities right, it automatically paves way for mutual Respect, Admiration, Love and ofcourse Happiness and trust me even further beyond.

Yes, testing times does pull us down at times; but we should not worry or fret. Instead, keeping the chin up in such moments is winning half of the battle. The other half is won when self-belief combined with acts of kindness, selflessness and compassion gets you closer your Happy Place. It is the little, little things that make up for the big thing.

So, likewise, to be able to see the Light ahead, we must learn to adapt and live a Sound (Wise and Happy) life. We should be knowledgeable and be able to acquire the skill to enable ourselves and get closer to the doors of opportunity. However,the ultimate challenge is to stick to it and yourself choose which door you would want to open and tread along; that would lead you to reach and achieve your ultimate goal (Happiness).

For me, I sincerely believe and stand by, “Music is the language of the Soul and Soul resides in our Hearts, so the Art reaching the Soul touches the heart”

Lighting up the World and broadening each horizon, the unwavering relationship between Music and the Soul undergoes through every high and low tide of the vast sea called ‘life’. All it takes, one right Note (Music) to flash the Light bright and touch the human heart and leave a strong impression. Similarly, ultimate hard work when combined with tireless and numerous efforts and sheer passion forms a strong ground for itself and leads to wonders to be created.

Be it work or personal field, Happiness is the key to unlock solutions for each and every issue. Taking a cue from and based on experiences garnered through real-life instances, when emotions come in contact with the human sentiments, they should try and encourage and induce positivity. Jointly working towards a vision of a lit, permanent sustainable life of creativity and productivity that thrives on real-time relationships most evidently translates into a Happy and Sound Life. Understanding the true Art behind each work and that braves every obstacle, storm; withstands it all, coming out victorious; it is nothing short of immense Happiness.

To tell more vividly, personally, I have always felt there is much more in each one of us to rise above and then nobody can stop us from attaining Happiness. Even for that matter, shedding the negative attitude and letting go off of ego or any evil; being true to our own self is the ultimate sign of being Happy.

Finally, let me reveal, why I kept on mentioning and taking references from words like – Music, Sound, Light and Happiness. That is because, I feel a Soul-connection with each one of them. Music is most certainly my happy place and what better occasion than the International Day of Happiness to dedicate a Blogpost to this.

Moving on, sharing its name with the Album’s name and the Title Song ‘The Light N Sound 2000’ that you will listen to while reading this Blogpost, packs in the right elements and Rhythmic beats that you just cannot miss. Chosen specially to spread the warmth and joy around and celebrate the special occasion of International Day of Happiness, we wish each one of you unlimited special and merry memories and moments. This Song is our personal favourite number too and is sure to leave a long-lasting impact on you too.

It would mean the world to us to know, if Tuned Fork inspires you to start believing in yourself, rise up each day and conquer the World with one smile and spread the Happiness along.

So let’s make this more interesting, share with us your Musically memorable moments that has enabled and shown you the Light for a Sound life ahead. Let Tuned Fork remain the guiding star and lead the path to greater heights and above. And, just for record… I just shared a little about my happy place through this Blogpost.. (Winks and Smiles).

The Light N Sound Of 2000


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