Gautama Buddha was the only one during his time that found a perfect balance between severe asceticism and sensual indulgence.

This very finding got him the loyal followers and the faith ‘Buddhism’ that we know today.

I really admire the patience during the time of such practise to keep up harmony and put people at peace within.

We have plenty of preachers today and they have many followers. There is however a reason that this day highlights history and human faith.


If you arrived at this Blog post it probably means you have an interest in Buddhism.

Let me warn you that my writings are unpleasant and harsh.

I’m brutally honest and reading further may upset you.


If you are sensitive and passionate about faith and religion I suggest you stop reading further.


I have questions that I want to ask you readers.


Have you made up your mind to go ahead? Let’s begin!


  • Do you often find people with a public influence have better appeal or look more attractive?
  • Do you think that those with power/authority have a tendency to make better decisions for you?
  • Do you look into the consequences of your faith and beliefs about your future?
  • Do you make critical or important decisions in your life with a prayer?


I’m about to share my thoughts on these questions.

Feel free to exit now if you do not have the courage to digest my harsh writing.


  • People with money and influence have better sex appeal and look more attractive to you;
    You are lustful and greedy. You are a shameless example of human character.
    You will exit difficulties and take the easy route when opportunity strikes.
  • People with Power (mostly political) can make decisions on your behalf;
    You paid them for your agenda. You elected them for your needs.
    Corruption is in your DNA. You lack the spine to make decisions and stick to it.
  • You do not bother to look into consequences;
    If you did, you wouldn’t depend on prayers, You will never take responsibilities for your problems.
    You don’t mind ruining lives. As long as you are safe you will go on about your actions.
  • You obviously make important decisions with a prayer;
    You want God to take responsibility for your mistakes. You are worthless.
    You are weaker than the weakest. Animals fare better than you.



Okay now take a deep breath! Try to stay calm.

The almighty will help you mend your mistakes and you are absolutely right about that.

All your mistakes have been under correction ever since you were born.

You just do not realise all the second chances that were given to you.

Life has made you both progressive and regressive at the same time.

Your whole life is a mistake cause you are surviving to constantly rectify a change in the pattern of life itself.

We create mistakes and solve it all the time.


I am about to surprise you… How harsh were my words above?




I must admit that my Article is a possible mistake but I’m about to rectify it with a Conclusion


Consider this

If a peaceful spiritual messenger conveyed facts systematically and pleasantly, you would feel better and practise few/many of those regularly when you felt lost or confused in life.

It could result in better consequences, cleaner agendas and maturity towards all responsibilities. With time everything would heal and the future would look brighter.


That is in a way what Buddhism teaches you. The balance between,


Severe Asceticism and Sensual Indulgence


That’s the core ideology of Gautama BuddhaGod bless you!

Buddha Purnima


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