Probably another year for all… But.. To me? An awakening!!


The flashes of thoughts, emotions, feelings and just…


More than anything, it was the journey towards Melody that is completely personified.


Personified: It was the year .. ‘2012’ when I got a chance to become one and close to my Soul..


That Music which justifies this, owns a Blog title “Year 2014” two years then onwards…


Music indeed is the language of our soul.. my journey into Tuned Fork starts now, as I write…


In my heart, these constant dreams lacked a rhythm.. which has now found an avenue..


The phase initially began in the year 2012 and continued into 2014, as a part of Tuned Fork..


I evolved every year but 2012-2014 has been my true calling..


Happy Listening folks..


Enjoy this Song and feel the power of Music and Soul within you..


Let Tuned Fork guide you towards the star you looked upon in your sky…