When the Electronic Synthesizer Beat goes out to burst your energy !


You know that Radian will Rock when it happens instantly with no filters or mindset whatsoever.

You know you hit a spot exactly how and where you wanted it to.


Nothing holds you back when the Chord strikes right!


The Creator of this song revisits production history from time to time.

It makes him wonder why he didn’t have quality sounds of today to make this even more crisp and clear.

Nevertheless this was already ahead of its time and did exactly what he hoped it would,

i.e to blast out melody with Energy and Power of Techno and Dance waves.


The Sounds of legendary Roland Juno smeared both on the Bass-line and Keys is exactly the thing Artists love to garnish their Electronic dish with.

Let the taste buds make you play with your mind…

Let the Electronic Music play loud and let us share the energy within…


‘Radian’ is one of its kind and will always remain so.