Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling when somebody or something Hits you back?

Or do you simply lay back thinking that everything will be static for the next couple

of minutes or hours?


Between the two is a sublime line of comfort; by comfort one doesn’t mean a soft pillow to sleep on or territorial space marked for own, it is beyond.


Hits me back is more of a feeling that invokes the impression something leaves by.. it might be profound it maybe mundane or may simply mean being there. Through layers of tunes and notes, one does want to get lost and hit by in the soul.


The song Hits me back from the signature Synth-Pop/Dance album ‘Analogic’ delivers the amount of thoughts in the form of melodies woven around feelings that are beyond.


Music is the language of the soul, it is the magic potion that is capable to pull you out and transport you to new world.


But how would you measure the depth it touches you, the more you hit it .. it hits you back..


Likewise in this tune too.. the energy through its high notes hits you back and takes you along ..


Happy listening folks, until my next blog post.