When you trudge through the Coffee Plantations of Coorg, located in the southern state of Karnataka, India, you’re in bliss. It feels like you’re in this place where time has stopped, all that is around you is vast plantations of Coffee, and the aroma of the fresh beans here is something which you’ll never get out of your kitchen back home.

As you plod through the hacienda, you come across a little rivulet, and it looks like the waters that emanate from a glacier. Advancing further, as the birds greet you with a fly-by, you see an iota of the tarn, which just gets stupendous as the bushes unveil this magical sight, where the fauna gets its divvy of water.

Just imagine the sight where a herd of elephants drinking water from the mere, just gives you a vigilant glaze… at that moment, you realise how majestic the creations of nature can be!

As you abide the journey, strolling the tortuous trail, looking at the serene atmosphere, you don’t feel like decamping the place. That’s the authentic feeling of nature which is clutching you from the real world. The terrain is something which nothing in the world can replicate, it’s just nature, building its blocks in its own characteristic way.

Whilst you walking, nature comes up with thousands of symbolic terrains in different parts of the World.

You sight Hundreds of Firewood just set-out in harmony and wonder what if fire didn’t exist. Well, we wouldn’t be having the concept of light. After all, fire illuminates everything, also once avowed as the Wild-flower, which indeed it is, just burns with oxygen in consonance, giving us what we refer to as light and heat.

Finally, when you reach home, you realise that the cosmos in the trail was downright different. The musk of the plantations, the way time had sensationally come to a halt, and the aura of nature, is something which you’ll eminently miss.

This is an anecdote that conveys the feeling of five elements which is cognate to all sounds of the ‘Five elements’ in this track.

Five Elements