This song takes you through what life gave you, what it is giving you, and what will it give you.


The rhythm in this song makes you think what you are going to expect from life and karma.

It’s like a quasi-statistical sense, meaning, you already know what life has planned for you, have a ready-made answer

in your mind, i.e. ‘your planned future’.


Ever Since you were born, as you plunge into childhood, you get that festive kind of love, that attention, that innocence

in you, using which you can almost get away with anything is one of the best times you’ve had.  


But as you progress into your teens, hit the phase of adolescence, while you grow a beard, you feel that things are not

like before. People expect you to do things on your own, usually, things that were given to you magically when you

were a kid, now you realise that ‘magic’ wasn’t really true, you start to understand certain aspects of your life, its feel

like a new World, and now you are just thinking ‘I wish I was still a kid’,  you just want to feel special again, no matter

how hard you try, you cannot get back that specialness. 


Now, innocence is replaced with respect, the more respect you have, the more attention you get, no more ‘magic’ will get things

done, you have to do it or earn it.


As the song takes you by way of its rhythm, you feel that change, the refinement in your voice, the attitude and rife perception of

things around you. 


This song tributes to the version which life has devised for you, ne’er peer the genre you speculated. Starts with a sweet and

pampered lifestyle as a kid, enlivens as you hit your teens filled with adventure and challenges to prepare you before you hit your

adulthood, which is a different kind of energy. But as you start entering your old-age, your adventure fades off with an alacritous



This experience is analogous with the rhythms of this song and gets you into watching your own life as if it was a movie.