Asmita Shetty joins the team and chooses to write on a Song specifically made to appreciate her Friendship, Loyalty and joy for Tuned Fork’s work… This title viz. a dedication titled ‘Minku’ is featured on the album ‘Moxie’ | Listen and Stream

The Author plays with bold words for this Blog signifying the feeling of Treason in life and happiness. Based upon personal feelings the writing focuses on a Universal lack of common sense only blinded by Money and Power. The song played in this Blog features on the album So Many Hopes – Part 2 | Listen and Stream

Madhavi Chary writes her 2nd blog on the most favorite Dance Hit ‘Hits Me Back’ by Tuned Fork. This song is enjoyed across the world and played over a thousand times on Spotify alone. Enjoy the Story and Raw Sequenced Bass sound with Electro Beats moving into House Music later on | Listen and Stream

Lakshmi Sridhar joins the TF team and contributes her snazzy writing skills whilst empowering Tuned Fork and its Musical journey… Invocation has many Songs sung by her Grandmother… The Song ‘Swara’ played in this Blog features on the Devotional-Fusion-New Age album ‘Invocation’ | Listen and Stream

The Author writes about his experience with Synthpop Music and why it is so connected to his Soul. Analogic is a pure style Electronic Music production combining Synthesizer and Vocoder sounds to give you a Robotic feel bringing back nostalgia of Synthpop and Newwave era from 80s Dance floors | Listen and Stream