The Author plays with bold words for this Blog signifying the feeling of Treason in life and happiness. Based upon personal feelings the writing focuses on a Universal lack of common sense only blinded by Money and Power. The song played in this Blog features on the album So Many Hopes – Part 2 | Listen and Stream

The Author writes about his experience with Synthpop Music and why it is so connected to his Soul. Analogic is a pure style Electronic Music production combining Synthesizer and Vocoder sounds to give you a Robotic feel bringing back nostalgia of Synthpop and Newwave era from 80s Dance floors | Listen and Stream

Listen to a Lonely Love song made for the broken-hearted. Lyrics, Sun..sunshine..rising up..on the landscape..sunshine… This particular song has long been a favourite for many fans across the internet. The song ‘Sunshine’ is featured on the Dance album ‘Back In The Days’ | Listen and Stream