Join us to welcome the ‘Sun’ and usher in the glorious ‘Harvest Festival’. Let’s add a new spark and paint our life canvas with more fun and merriment. The Song ‘Badra’ that plays in this Blog is from Tuned Fork’s ‘Defrag’ series, a non-stop Music Album with Four Chapters, crossing Tuned Fork’s 500 song releases. Listen and Stream | Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Harvest Festival.

Back in the 90s the UK developed new forms of Electronic Music and Drum N Bass is one of them. Only a handful of people follow it. Most of the tracks feature on Underground Compilations. Tuned Fork built their foundation on Electronic Music. DnB is a Must and we respect it… The Song ‘Kumari’ played in this Blog features on the Electronic-Dance- album ‘Prospectus – Push’ | Listen and Stream

Every artist has an Anthem they would like to start the Mix with be it listening or playing an Event. Slogan here belongs to Tuned Fork on the same lines as above and will remain so forever… The Song ‘Slogan’ played in this Blog features on the Electronic-Dance-Trance album ‘The 14 Rules’ | Listen and Stream

Madhavi Chary writes her 2nd blog on the most favorite Dance Hit ‘Hits Me Back’ by Tuned Fork. This song is enjoyed across the world and played over a thousand times on Spotify alone. Enjoy the Story and Raw Sequenced Bass sound with Electro Beats moving into House Music later on | Listen and Stream

Madhavi Chary joins the team and decides to blow off some steam by indulging in Blog writing… Here is a Song and a Story about that Year, which was a turning point for all of us here at Tuned Fork. The song ‘Year 2014’ is featured on the Driving theme album titled ‘Cruise Control’ | Listen and Stream