Music Producer, Film Maker, Graphic Designer, Web developer and Digital Marketing expert for Tuned Fork
July – 2017

Hello there,
I’m (Raj)agopal Srinath. I founded TF, a decade after I began Producing out of my bedroom back in 1998.

Back then I worked on a basic computer with a dial-up internet connection. I was 15 when I found my true love for Music.

September – 2000

2001 – 2002, I worked for a Music Label in Mumbai, India and released 3 commercial Music albums through them, which became quite popular and still sell in Music stores worldwide.

By the end of 2003, I had completed over 200 Independent singles which were crafted into Albums and released on International Music sharing networks that were popular back then.

2003 – 2004, I worked with few Artists, Produced tracks for them, met various companies to release my work. It was a good learning experience on Commercial Music Production and Collaboration.

December – 2004

All of 2005 went into learning Audio Engineering. This was needed to get work done more professionally and learn more about the Art that I loved so much.

In the year 2006, I designed and created my own Recording studio with a better setup and this time with Acoustics. It enabled me to work with Artists and meet some Professionals. I also worked for a corporate organisation during this year producing Music content.

July – 2006
October – 2006

During 2007-2009, I went on to produce more refined Albums and also work for another Company as an Audio Engineer with Multiple responsibilities for couple of years. I even learnt to Sing and write Lyrics for the first time since 1998. Lot of Tuned Fork’s tracks started having Vocal tracks since then.

January – 2008

Besides corporate work, I offered my services to a Rock band. We toured and played many live events. The following years were filled with vivid experiences and meeting many new people.

2010, Tuned Fork was finally realized and legally formed in 2011. It was based out of the same studio we built in 2006 but with a team of 5 intelligent people doing various activities. We played at events, did live Visual effects for Audiences, gave out Merchandise as prize for contest winners. It was fun to be working with a team of creative individuals.

July – 2010

I worked for another company during 2012-2014 where I learnt about Product Management and Content Marketing. This was key since it was to take Tuned Fork to the next level. Having diverse knowledge really opened my mind to things I didn’t realize before. Knowing your core and your potentials in many areas does make a difference on how you place your vision into perspective.

September – 2013

From the year 2014, I gave my one hundred percent for Tuned Fork. All of the Music produced right from 1998 were re-visited, edited and released one by one by compiling albums. Some of the singles which were destroyed in a Hard Drive crash were salvaged back from Backups.

The number of albums released till date stand at 34.

I’ve tried out many roles and thus have a diverse professional network that is based upon trust and principles.


“A Creative Crown that I showcase with pride”

July 2017


MBA – Operations
Degree – Media Studies
Diploma – Digital Film Making
Diploma – Audio Engineering


Music Production, Singing, Live performance, Event Management, Film Production, Acting, Digital Marketing, Web/Graphic Design, Writing Blogs, Lyrics, D-I-Y expert, Stock Markets, Financial Management, Business Development, Mentor


Product Manager, Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Voice Actor, Singer, Content Writer, Business Consultant

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