Hey there,

I’m Rajagopal Srinath and since my real name is lengthy I go by the alias

Tuned Fork!


Now let us talk about Raj… Who Raj? It is short for.. You know…

The Music Creator

I’ve Produced and Released over 25 Hours – 25 Minutes – 25 Seconds of original Music. This began in the year 1998 when I was 15 years of age.

People tell me that my Sound is unique and they’ve never really heard of anything like that before. I feel weird when they say that but over time I’ve come to realise that it is indeed a fact. I am now proud of that…

I Produce with a Theme and Story for every Song/Album cause I take Art very seriously.

To summarise, my Works are the results of how Artists paint using a blank Canvas.

The Visual Artist

What good is Art if you cannot see it while listening… I like to give illustrative power to my Work especially with all that Music and since I’ve been Blogging these days.

I’m the kind that uses Art-boards with a Stylus on touch screens. I jam with different layers and it feels like I was possessed with super terrestrial energy when done.

Off late I’ve been crashing my Facebook Mobile app using the Stories

The Film Maker

Freestyle Film making is fun and it happens in the moment. I love to just pick up my iPhone, set it on a tripod, turn on LED photo lights and rig up a scene real quick. What good is a Degree in Film Making if you cannot be quick in bringing out new Production techniques.

When time is short and launch dates are early, I use Motion Graphics from my super sized library.

The Audio Engineer

I’ve worked as a Hobbyist, Consultant, Payroll Employee and Intern.

My work experience has seen situations like Malls, Pubs, College Festivals, Workshops, Carnivals, Professional Studios, Corporate Organisations and even Jam Sessions. I’ve travelled and worked on Projects.

I’m an alumni from SAE College. I was part of the year 2005 batch from SAE Mumbai. We had the best of Analog and Digital during those days.

The Performer

My Live performances are presentations of  Music, Visual, Singing and Vocoding.

For Music, I re-create projects into sessions and Songs (obviously my own productions). All of the project sessions are performed Live with effects and tweaks using Controllers. I’m not a f**k*ng DJ. I Love to create and express original Art!

For Visuals, I use controllers to line up Video Clips and then Mix all those Layers with amazing effects.

I’ll add more Information here in time…

Afterall, this is my life and it improves by the minute…

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Yours truly,

Rajagopal Srinath / Raj / Tuned Fork
27th April 2020