Kumari is a burst of powerful Rhythm right from when it hits your ears!

Delving deep into our Indian classical roots, the melody in this song a testimony on how Tuned Fork creates new benchmarks and leaves unwavering marks of melodies.

After a long day when I wish to unwind, Kumari’s notes talk to me and reach my soul. I feel positive vibrations within, immersing myself into the tune as my true inner-calling awakens.

Deep down the soul, there is a small territory that belongs no one but you; Kumari touches those notes and strikes chords to astound you with a unique melodic ballad.


Just go ahead and let the sounds from Kumari reverberate inside in you…

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About the Song:

This song belongs to the Album ‘Prospectus – Push’ combing Electronic, Techno and Dance Music… There are 11 songs entirely…

Prospectus – Push

  1. You Rajagopal Srinath 5:56
  2. Intelligence Rajagopal Srinath 3:50
  3. David Rajagopal Srinath 2:47
  4. Outrage Rajagopal Srinath 4:22
  5. Stressed Rajagopal Srinath 3:45
  6. Kumari Rajagopal Srinath 3:54
  7. Tele Crow Rajagopal Srinath 7:23
  8. Mismanaged Rajagopal Srinath 4:56
  9. In Depth Rajagopal Srinath/Siddarth Basrur 5:20
  10. You (beta) Rajagopal Srinath 5:53
  11. Stressed (beta) Rajagopal Srinath 7:40


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