Slogan has a name enticed upon itself… Literally !

Get into a groove with this song from our iconic album Analogic, nevertheless an absolute treat to the ears.

It simply sets the mood for a never-ending Electronica Experience and wants you asking for more and more…

After all this (Slogan) is Tuned Fork’s very own official Musical anthem.

Straight up, the song blends into the vision and expertise that founded TF itself and nevertheless fills our senses with a certain pep and optimistic enthusiasm. Let’s go with the fact that it is delivered with an Infusion of Technological tunes and Analogical melodies.

Slogan is the perfect start to any Dance party celebration.

In true essence, it does build up a whole new aura around you.

It is believed that ‘The Sound of Music is quite powerful’; Slogan is precisely that boost which Tuned Fork packed up with a lot of excitement and exuberance.

Charge it up folks!!! Every beat and note! Feel the pump within; energize your souls and listen.

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About the Song:

This song belongs to the Album ‘Analogic’ combing Synthpop, Techno and House Music… There are 11 songs entirely…


  1. Slogan Rajagopal Srinath 3:06
  2. Analogic Rajagopal Srinath 4:27
  3. Mimi Rajagopal Srinath 4:58
  4. Quest Rajagopal Srinath 4:00
  5. Only Rajagopal Srinath 4:29
  6. Crystal Clear Rajagopal Srinath 3:29
  7. Fear Rajagopal Srinath 2:58
  8. Epic Rajagopal Srinath 3:06
  9. Another Chance Rajagopal Srinath 3:22
  10. Busaba Rajagopal Srinath 5:58
  11. Hits Me Back Rajagopal Srinath 5:20


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