Tuned Fork - Treason

I just love this Song and it is such a wonderful feeling to know that someone has composed something for you! Well… What can I say? The Composer to that song is so talented but often underestimates himself…

The title of that Song is ‘Minku’

You know what guys?

It actually means Monkey…  It is actually right in a way because he (composer) gets inspired by many monkeys (people) and their tricks… Being a close buddy to me, he did it with this Song too…

At first, I was really surprised that I had a song dedicated just for me… It was a speechless moment and I had absolutely no words to express but just a wonderful feeling nevertheless….

As a girl I’ve seen many ups and downs through my life but this friend made me feel special, gave me courage, confidence and the feeling of being a Wonderful and Beautiful person…

Yes…. I am a grown up but still have that innocent heart within me that screams with Joy like a kid…

I could say “Thank you” but it is perhaps an understatement for this Song… It is just priceless…

Well… Thank you!!



About the Song:

This song belongs to the Album ‘Moxie’. There is a Mix of Vocal and Instrumental Songs on this Album. Trance and Electronica mostly suit the Genre.. There are 8 songs entirely.


  1. Zone Rajagopal Srinath Buy 4:00
  2. Laya Buy 5:36
  3. Instated Rajagopal Srinath Buy 4:23
  4. Dark Rajagopal Srinath Buy 4:33
  5. Sawan Buy 3:42
  6. Flight Rajagopal Srinath Buy 4:28
  7. Biggie Buy 3:24
  8. Minku Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:52


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