Friendship Forever

While there is a time when people do not believe in you, and you quit believing in yourself, a person that continues to trust you, indeed is your true friend…

Have no doubt about it… A true friend could save your life, like the stars that shine when the night is at its darkest. It holds true that if you found the only one by your side when you’re at your worst, you have found the best friend of a life time.

I’m quite lucky to have some truly good friends and one of them is my best… We’ve been together for years and I can bet that this Friendship will last Forever.

This friend helped me much during my depressing moments and he received the same when he had sorrow and/or problems. We have always shared our good and bad in life… As though God intended, we have the same passion towards Music and Art… Hours go by while we get lost in discussions related to Music and Science, like we are Aliens from another planet.

Do you have such heart binding true Friends?


Let’s all be together and enjoy the Song ‘Friendship Forever’… Let’s find out what makes friendship so wonderful and universal …

While it rains day and night drenching you in sorrow, the simple smile of a Friend for you just makes it alright. Let Music call on your beautiful life…





About the Song:

This song belongs to the Album ‘Neon Life – Part 1’. All Songs from this Album are instrumental, narrating Stories through Music alone. Electronic and Dance is the primary Genre.. There are 9 songs entirely.


Neon Life – Part 1


  1. Dance In Latino (2001 Edition) Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:48
  2. 1969 Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:34
  3. Asteroid Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:21
  4. Brisko Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:27
  5. Fiction Rajagopal Srinath Buy 4:09
  6. Fictitious (beta) Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:04
  7. Friendship Forever Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:35
  8. Illumination Rajagopal Srinath Buy 2:49
  9. Mr.Holmes Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:31


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