O Mama

Who is your first Love? Perhaps a beautiful Girl or a handsome Boy?

While it seems fair to use the term ‘Mother’ she in fact is your first Love, as natural as sparkles from the Morning Sun…

A maternal Love is unconditional, divine and immortal… She is the one person who will Love you for the longest term… She’s been in Love with you even before you came into existence right from your presence in her Womb and this Love grows stronger with time while lasting forever…

When you were a Baby, she walked before you to create an example and when you were in your Teens she walked behind you every time you needed her… Now you being all Mature, she walks beside you as your friend for life… That is how she Loves you unconditionally…

We seldom realise this type of Love and forget it many a time… As Children we could perhaps be stubborn and not express our Love for Moms out openly… Following our dreams and passions and following peers and the World outside comes naturally… That is where we end up ignoring a Mother’s advice and words which is often ignored as boring and stressful… It’s the certainty of care which we take for granted, while the care is even perceived as disturbance when focusing on work and career…

Then comes the depression and turbulence in life when you are losing the Love of your life, going haywire in your career, or suffering from ailments in health…

When that happens to you, You would do nothing but shed out tears like a Child… It would seem like there is no more Light thrown from the Sky above you… It almost appears like the World suddenly turned against you over-night..

But wait…

There’s your Mom, ready to hold you tightly with her tears running down her cheek… Her tears will make a part of your hair wet while in her arms… Then you will feel that there is still all the Love left in this World that you looked for everywhere but had it with you all the time !

This Song ‘O Mama’ is based upon real situations faced by the creator (Music) during his life… The Music is a way to say Thank you to all the ‘Mothers’ out there for being there as a rock solid support to your Child…

While a Song may not entirely show all that you wish like to express, There is hope that after listening to the Melodies in this song, we can all show our Mothers ‘Gratitude’ and welcome her with affection and warm hugs…

Do you Live away from Home? Why not just pick up your Phone and tell her that you Love her… Please do not wait until it is too late !





About the Singer:

Rajagopal Srinath, also the Producer and Artist renders his Voice for this Production. Although not primarily into Singing, some of the Productions feature his Voice… He also Records Speech, Rap and Spoken Word in many of the Productions…

About the Song:

This song belongs to the Album ‘Back In The Days’ combing Electronic and Dance Music with a variety of Vocals.. There are 12 songs entirely.


Back In The  Days


  1. Attraction Sujata Shrikanth 4:09
  2. Highlighter Ileana Villasmil/Rajagopal Srinath 3:07
  3. Play It Aigel Gaisina 3:09
  4. The Chemistry Rajagopal Srinath 4:00
  5. Maybe I Just Need You Rajagopal Srinath 4:03
  6. Don't Confuse Me Amarita Iona 3:24
  7. Wasn't Meant To Be Amarita Iona 3:58
  8. Cry Rajagopal Srinath 3:27
  9. O Mama Rajagopal Srinath 3:58
  10. Sunshine Rajagopal Srinath 4:04
  11. Reinstated 3:24
  12. Locale Rajagopal Srinath 3:23


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