As a little child, I’d Love to hold the people who I was fond of from behind and gently whisper “Mimi… Mimi…” into their ears.

That sweet sound now remains in my mind and reminds me of the best days of my Childhood…

“Mimi” could be a cute name for the person we Love most… While Love is all about giving and making sacrifices, when you receive it you call it “Happiness” and when you do not it leads to a “broken heart”.

Be it happiness or sorrow, let your heart have the experiences because that’s indeed a part of life. Happiness is sometimes just wanting to see your Sweetheart happy and in total bliss…

Life changes constantly in a natural Circle… Our finest memories from the ‘First love’ lasts forever. When times are difficult and when troubles arrive, we must revive with the thoughts of good times to feel stronger and regain the beliefs that we may have lost out here and there…

Hope you enjoy the Song “Mimi” and find those beautiful and interesting moments that you had with the ‘Love of your life’…

Make your heart beat stronger and get ready for a new breath of fresh fragrant air…








About the Song:

This song belongs to the Album ‘Analogic’ combing Electronic, New Age and Dance Music with Robotic Vocals.. There are 11 songs entirely.




  1. Slogan Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:06
  2. Analogic Rajagopal Srinath Buy 4:27
  3. Mimi Rajagopal Srinath Buy 4:58
  4. Quest Rajagopal Srinath Buy 4:00
  5. Only Rajagopal Srinath Buy 4:29
  6. Crystal Clear Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:29
  7. Fear Rajagopal Srinath Buy 2:58
  8. Epic Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:06
  9. Another Chance Rajagopal Srinath Buy 3:22
  10. Busaba Rajagopal Srinath Buy 5:58
  11. Hits Me Back Rajagopal Srinath Buy 5:20


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