Love does hurt, sometimes…

You enjoy and cherish all the good times and what can you do when there are sad times. People around you comfort you, make you feel alright and tell you that it will be alright. They try to make you think positive and remind you of the better days you had with the soul-mate.

However, it does come down crashing nevertheless. That’s when you feel lost, lonely and helpless no matter how motivated or strong you have been by far…

A crushed up heart indeed is painful on the inside, never seen on the outside…

Listen to a song that has been produced with these feelings. The production is in fact based on the author’s life experience! Play and feel it yourself…

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About the Singer:

Rajagopal Srinath, also the Producer and Artist renders his Voice for this Production. Although not primarily into Singing, some of the Productions feature his Voice… He also Records Speech, Rap and Spoken Word in many of the Productions…

About the Song:

This song belongs to the Album ‘Back In The Days’ combing Electronic and Dance Music with a variety of Vocals.. There are 12 songs entirely.

Back In The Days

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  1. Loving India and this song. you have good sounds going on!
    spreading love to you all the way !!! friend me on facebook… sent you email.

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